Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend - Make the Most of it

Thanksgiving Weekend - Make the Most of it
Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving always falls on the 4th Thursday of November and always leads to a long weekend because who wants to work on a Friday after turkey day! Well here are some ideas on how you can spend your long mini vacation and make it fun and relaxing.
  • Bake! Who doesn’t love to have some homemade goodies around the house. Now is the time to set up your pies, cookie exchange items, make pumpkin spice bread, banana bread and any other of those scrumptious holiday goodies. If you are watching your macro intake, explore some festive but healthier ways to bake.
  • It’s Thanksgiving, Celebrate! Hosting dinner? Now is the time to finish up your plans and put together those few last-minute items. Traveling? Check flights, driving directions and route ahead of time to speed your trip. Whether you are home or away, make time to enjoy the experience and family and friends.
  • Be grateful and kind. Spreading a little bit of kindness into the world goes a long way. Like they say, if you put out good karma, it will find you again. Consider giving to local charities for those less fortunate than you this holiday. Also express what you are most thankful for around the Thanksgiving dinner table. It’s the small things that mean the most to a lot of people.
  • Laundry time. Ok, now its Friday and its time to clean up. Spend some time in the am to launder up all your linens. If you use cloth tablecloths, napkins, placemats, etc Friday am is a great time to get them clean and put back away.
  • Get outdoors. By Friday afternoon you may be going stir crazy so get moving and get outside for a walk or bike or run especially if there is sunshine and fair weather. Now is the time to experience those moderate fall temps before we get shut in by winter’s chill. Maybe even find a local charity race in your area (giving back).
  • Follow up holiday prep. Following Thanksgiving everyone turns on their Christmas fever it seems. Use this weekend to work on your Christmas and New Year’s holiday prep. Pick out a tree, pull out your trimmings, check your lights or replace them. It won’t be long before Christmas sneaks up on you.
  • Black Friday weekend. Black Friday is a huge deal, but you will notice that a lot of those deals will spread into the weekend for most stores. They want to take advantage of the hype and holiday feeling to get their merchandise sold. So, head out this weekend even if its just stopping by one store or two. Take advantage of this deal weekend and start your Christmas shopping.
  • Sunday Funday. Round out your weekend with some comfort time on the couch. Netflix has some great series that just put out new or first seasons, catch up on your favs on Hulu or OnDemand through your cable provider or with Amazon Prime. Whatever your media mode, enjoy some downtime or me time on the last day of the weekend to prepare for Monday’s hectic return after four days off.
Hope you found these tips useful. I would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving and let you know that I am grateful for all my clients, past, present and those I haven’t met yet. I hope to continue serving you in all your real estate endeavors.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Results of the Study are In

results of the study are in
Houzz recently did a study in the U.S. about bathroom trends. They polled 1,238 U.S. homeowners about master bathroom renovation projects. Here are their results.

Here are some takeaways from the study.
  • Showers; lose the tub. Not as obvious from the image above but showers are the No. 1 feature that homeowners splurge on when doing a renovation by 42 percent. Out of those doing the updates 81 percent increase the size of their shower. And 27 percent remove the bathtub completely, so they can have a larger shower.
  • Older homeowners are aging in place. Homeowners who are 55 and older are spending twice as much on master bath renovations over 100 sq. ft. as those aged 35 and under. Many older homeowners are incorporating accessibility features and they have no plans to move over the next 10 years.
  • Millenials want more space. Homeowners in the 25-34 age category are more likely to increase the size of their master bath than other homeowners. Of those keeping it the same size, 30 percent feel it is too small for their needs.
  • Remodel San Francisco. The study shows that San Fransicians spend more than others on their renovations. They spent an average of $34,100 for major remodels of their baths over 100 sq. ft. whereas nationally it ranges around $21,000. Costs vary widely due to bath size, regions and ambitions of the remodel.
  • Tech and porcelain. An increasing number of homeowners are using their tech devices in their master baths at least once a week. And the demand for high-tech bathroom features is increasing. Twenty-nine percent are upgrading their toilets and 12 percent are upgrading their showers with tech features.
Also, a takeaway from the study was a result that 90 percent of homeowners who renovated changed the style of their bath often resulting in an upgrade. The image below shows that contemporary style is leading the way followed by transitional, modern and then traditional last. The image shows percentages before the project and after the project.

Bathroom renovations styles were split by age group. It seems renovators aged 35 and up preferred contemporary while 25 to 34 liked modern style. Another shocker, gray was the top color choice for walls followed by white and then beige with blue and green bringing up the rear.
White cabinets were picked first by 38 percent with gray, wood medium, wood-dark and brown following up. White also came out on top for countertops by 40 percent. Gray reigned dominant as far as floors by 31 percent of study takers.

So, if it is time to change up your master bath, use some of these results to help guide you in your renovation especially if you are going to sell soon. Knowing the results of this study gives you insight into what potential buyers may be thinking or wanting in their new homes.
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Monday, November 13, 2017

5 Best Projects to Prep your Home for Sale

5 best projects to prep your home for sale
If you are planning on selling your home soon then here are some suggestions from a buyer’s point of view of projects you need to do now 

  • Update your curb appeal. Often a first impression is the most important thing you can do for potential buyers. Curb appeal is important. Make sure all your bushes have been trimmed. Add more mulch around your bushes or landscaping to freshen it up. Also replace any broken pavers or fix up any broken sidewalks. Remove dead plants and trees and think about aerating your lawn. Pressure wash your eaves, walkways, driveways and any vinyl trim on your home. Paint any outside areas of your home that are not stone or vinyl like doors and windows.
  • Home Inspection. If this hasn’t been suggested by your Realtor®, then you make the suggestion. Having a home inspection before you put your home on the marketing can show you areas that need to be fixed or repaired. It is also a good selling point because you will get a report and then you can show receipts for any repairs to potential buyers.
  • Flooring and Painting. Take a good look at your carpets. Do they need to be replaced? Do your hardwood floors need to be refinished or freshened up? Flooring is a major hiccup for buyers when purchasing a home. Also take a good look at your walls. Are there any vivid colors that need to be changed? Buyers will often gawk at strange or overly bright colors, so it may be worth repainting using beiges, light grays or off-whites.
  • Storage areas. Often overlooked are your common storage areas such as garages, basements and attics. If these places are accessible, buyers will take a look and they will form an impression. Take this opportunity to organize any of these areas you may have and sell off or remove the extra clutter. Garage sales are a great way to declutter while making money.
  • Consider staging. Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves and their stuff in your house. When personal items from the seller are on display they will have a harder time imagining the home as theirs. Hiring a professional stage can help. They will create a plan, assist you with knowing what items to remove and your will likely get as much as $5,000 to $10,000 more for your home. It is a fact that staged homes sell for more.
Let me know if you have any questions about any of these suggestions, as a professional Realtor® I can help guide you as to which of these items you need to do to prepare for sale. I have professional contacts that I can refer to you if you need help.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Making Houseguests Feel at Home in Yours

making houseguests feel at home in yours
Here are some tips on how you can make your guest room a haven for your visitors. But be careful they may not want to leave.
  1. Extra Chargers and Cords. When traveling, dead phones equal misery for the owner. Think about placing a bowl with different types of power strips, outlet converters, cords and maybe portable speakers in your guest room. When a visitor feels comfortable with their digital stuff they feel at home. Remember to post your guest wi-fi name and password they can use to log in so they aren’t bugging you about every device.
  2. Sample Sizes in the Bathroom. Create a basket and place your hotel samples or any other samples you get in it. Walmart has great deals on travel size items also. If your guest forgot something they will be relieved to see something they can use in the bathroom.
  3. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Or that is what my mom used to say. But seriously, raise the standards on clean in your guest bathroom. Scrub every nook and cranny. Make sure you can smell that you used a cleaner after you finish.
  4. Personal Touches. Don’t be afraid to personalize your guest spaces. Personal touches can make your guests feel at home and relaxed knowing that the room is just not some sterile version of a hotel room.
  5. Radio Bath. Maybe your guests like to hear music in the morning when showering or would just like some noise for privacy. Adding an oil diffuser or a bottle of poo-pourri drops is also a nice touch.
  6. DIY Coffee or Tea. Blow the minds of your guests by adding a mini coffee or tea station to the guest room or bath. Maybe even a mini-fridge with some snacks for late night snackers. Ask ahead of time to get they specific choices and customize to their liking.
  7. Designate Space. Guests will feel unimposing if they have some closet space to hang clothes and some drawer space to place clothes in. It maybe time to clean out your guest room so it can be guest friendly.
  8. Hospitality. Fill a basket with menus from local restaurants and/or pamphlets from local businesses you like to use. The latest issue of your community newspaper is a nice touch.
  9. Robe Them. A nice upscale touch is adding a couple of simple robes to your guest closet for their use. Always make sure they are freshly washed before your guests show up.
  10. Expect the Unexpected. We all do it when traveling. Forget that one essential and then must run to Walmart to get it. Well if you think ahead of your guest and add a some of these under the sink or in a small cabinet your guests will love you. Some disposable razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, small first-aid kit, towels, pillows, additional blanket, umbrella, flashlight and replacement light bulbs. 
Hosting guests and family with good results can be achieved. Just think about what you might need if you were to visit someone or somewhere else. Even just a few of these “comfort” items can make their stay more enjoyable.

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