Friday, July 26, 2013

Real Estate This and That

A Possible Threat to Economic Recovery

Just as our economy is starting to make somewhat of a recovery and the housing market is seeing a bump in sales and home prices, a possible threat to the recovery appears on the horizon. What could this be you ask?

The lack of good inventory across the Nation to support the demand for buying.

If you had been thinking about selling your home, call me today and let’s discussion your options. Lack of inventory will cause an even stronger seller’s market, thus allowing sellers to get almost 100 percent of their asking price. Adding good inventory back into the market helps supply that demand, thus keeping prices somewhat in check. Economics 101…supply and demand.

Don’t Let Fear Ruin Your Dreams

Have you or your friends thought about or wanted to buy a home but were just afraid of the unknowns? Buying at this point in time would be just as cost effective as renting a home. But you won’t know unless you talk to some professionals. Don’t be afraid to get the facts! Discuss your financial situation with a mortgage professional and once you know what you can afford, discuss your dream home goals with a real estate professional. Using the financial guidelines set forth by pre-qualifying, a real estate agent can guide you through the process of finding homes that work for you. It never hurts to ask a question AND no question if ever too silly or stupid to get an answer.

Events Around Greenville

  • Next to Normal. Now appearing at Centre Stage, 501 River Street in Greenville. Every Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. A rock musical. A modern story of a mother struggling to live with bipolar disorder and the affects it has on her life and her family.
  • Open Art Studios. 300 College Street in Greenville. An Off the Wall exhibit space with open studio time that allows children the freedom to express themselves artistically.
  • Piedmont Natural Gas Downtown Alive. Every Thursday until August 29th. An outdoor street party with music of different venues including funk, rock, blues and cover bands. FREE.

What is Curb Appeal?

Well, the definition according to Wikipedia is “attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property.” But what does the mean to you? There is only one take that is important. When someone you don’t know is approaching your home, what will they think? If you are a homeowner coming back to the same property every day, you might not think about this. Next time you go home, stop and “smell the roses” as they would say. Take in the look of the front of your home and ask “Would anyone else find my home appealing?” Summer is a great time of the year for getting outside and sprucing up. Pull out your green thumb that hibernated over the winter and add those flowers you wanted to your yard, or those extra bushes. How about some landscaping ties or pavers and decorative concrete blocks. If you are hesitant about jumping in you can always call a landscaping company. Give them a strict budget and plan with them how you want your yard to look. What “appeal” you are looking for from a stranger. Come on…take the plunge!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Selling a home: What does it require from you?

selling a home in greenville, sc
First and most importantly the goal is to SELL THE HOME! But what does that require? It is a team effort between you the seller and your real estate agent. Here are some pointers.

  • Access to the home. As a seller, you should be willing to give potential buyers almost unlimited access. Setting restrictions can result in fewer buyers which results in a lower price and/or a longer time on the market.
  • Condition of the home. The condition of your home will help determine whether your home sells or not. Using a professional stager is the perfect answer. As an alternative, you the seller should at least de-clutter the home and add a fresh coat of paint to the interior. Having good curb appeal also helps make that all important first impression.
  • Options for Mortgages. The easier you make it for a buyer to finance buying your home, the bigger the chance for attracting more buyers. An example would be allowing FHA financing. Or in another example, helping the buyer with a seller's concession of some kind (i.e., carpet allowance).
  • Price of the home. Think of it this way, your home has to be sold twice; once to the buyers and once to their bank if they are financing. To do this, the price needs to be right for the market. Studies show that listing the home at a higher than market price first results in less money gained and longer market time. Always ask your real estate agent to do a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA of your home. Have an open discussion about the price. Remember, selling your home is a business transaction.

the victoria cottle group of greenville sc
Hope these tips have helped. Selling a home can be a nerve racking and/or stress full proposition. But hiring a professional real estate team, like the Victoria Cottle Group, will lessen your stress and promote a smooth transaction. Call me today at (864) 275-3953 and let's discuss your situation.

If you need assistance with selling or buying a home in 2013 I can help. Referrals and people needing relocation assistance are welcome! Search Single Family homes in Greenville. Search Condos and Townhomes in Greenville.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Top Ten Places Where People are Moving

Have you wondered about which cities in the U.S. are the most popular? or the most inexpensive? Review the infographic below provided by for comparisons on price, mobility, fun and more. If you are one of the almost five million relocating Americans this year, check out these Top Ten Places to Move. Of course, this author can't believe they left Greenville SC out of the list.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Latest Greenville Real Estate Market Trends

While looking at Trulia the other day, I thought I would pull some of the market trends they are reporting for you.
  • The average listing price for the week ending Jun 26th was $269,418. This is down $27 dollars from the previous week.
  • The median sales price for the time period Mar - May 2013 was $141,131 (based on 910 homes) which is an increase of 4.2% over the same time last year

  • Trulia is reporting the most popular zipcodes are 29681(Simpsonville), 29651(Greer), 29687(Taylors), 29680(Simpsonville) and 29650(Greer). The average listing price for these areas for the week ending Jun 26 ranged from $211,248 to $273,633.
  • Trulia's movers & shakers zipcodes are 29680(Simpsonville), 29673(Piedmont), 29609(Greenville), 29661(Marietta) and 29662(Mauldin). In these areas the average listing price for the week ending Jun 26 rose to between 3.7% and 7.0 percent.
The map below shows the traffic ranking for Greenville County zip codes. Red areas are more popular with green areas being less popular.

traffic rank for greenville county zip code

Hope you find this information useful. Whether you are planning on buying or selling a home in the Greenville area, the Victoria Cottle Group are experts on the Greenville area. Use our handy Home Search tool to search by county/city, address/zip, subdivision or school.