Monday, April 29, 2013

Greenville South Carolina In The News

Seems the people over at visitgreenvillesc are working hard pitching stories about the community and getting terrific media coverage as the result. Below is a recap of the great articles with links to the read the full details.

canadian cycling magazine on victorias corner·         Last October, Greenville hosted journalist Jan Schroder. The two pages of editorial she wrote will reach 150,000 readers this month. Jan gives us both a fresh and reflective view of our community.

·         Canadian Cycling Magazine April/May 2013 issue will feature four pages of content about cycling in the Greenville region.  Written by Matthew Pioro, the article explores his cycling visit to Greenville, SC.

·         News from Southern Living, Greenville didn't get the title as the South's "tastiest town", but did make the top 10. Thanks for your votes.

·         Greenville got an article from Nashville Stacie Standifer, who made a trip to visit us last September during Euphoria, wrote up two pages of coverage about our fair city.

connect publication on victorias corner·         The publication Connect March/April 2013 features Greenville, SC as their City Spotlight. A visit by Lisa Savas resulted in two pages of editorial content plus a call-out on the cover.

·         Other media mentions include recent Boston Globe coverage by Diane Daniel and a piece in Equire by John Mariani on his multi-day Greenville visit.

esquire on victorias cornerIf you have noticed any other coverage about Greenville SC in the media, feel free to leave us a comment below and maybe a link to the article. View the full version of Greenville "In The News."

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Friday, April 19, 2013

This Month in Real Estate

You may have noticed that in most places the market has shifted. What does that mean for buyers? Watch the video below for details.

Real Estate Tidbits

  • Foreclosures are returning to pre-housing bust levels notes CNNMoney. Foreclosure filings fell 23% during the first quarter of 2013. 
  • Cash payments from the $3.6 billion settlement over foreclosure abuses will be sent to 4.2 million borrowers. Servicers participating in this agreement include Aurora, BofA, Chase, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, MetLife Bank, Morgan Stanley, PNC Mortgage, Sovereign Bank, SunTrust, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo. 
  •  Bidding wars are back. Many of the nation's major housing markets went from stagnant to sizzling with a large number of house hunters causing rival bids to be offered. In turn, selling prices are being driven upward in areas of high competition. 
  • Vacation home sales were up by 10 percent last year according to the National Association of Realtors. Investors have been very active looking for foreclosures that can be turned to profitable rentals. Buying vacation homes for personal use has also risen. These buyers tend to be older, more affluent and with higher median household incomes.
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Update - The Victoria Cottle Group

the victoria cottle group greenville sc Victoria Cottle has teamed up with Maria Godfrey, Brooke Box, Tanya Strickland and Kristina Moon to form the Victoria Cottle Group at Keller Williams Realty. Victoria, Maria, Brooke, Tanya and Kristina are working together to provide even better service for home buyers and sellers in South and North Carolina.

Experience + Commitment + Enthusiasm + Hard Work + Integrity = RESULTS
When you work with The Victoria Cottle Group, you get professionals at their best! The team dedicates their wealth of knowledge and experience to providing excellent service for your real estate needs. When you choose The Victoria Cottle Group as you realtor, they negotiate for you, represent you and only you in your real estate needs. Victoria's experience as an honourably discharged Army Sergeant dealing in mobilization, as a home and industrial electrical designer, and as a multi-million dollar top producer in real estate give her the ability to lead this team and help identify your home needs and find the home that meets those needs.

Current Listings

·         207 Fledgling Way, Easley 79 homes for sale in this area
·         358 Gap Creek Rd, Duncan 50 homes for sale in this area
·         225 Woodruff Park Ln, Simpsonville (ms pending)
·         222 Park Row, Piedmont 72 homes for sale in this area
·         Plus several building lots where you can build your dream home!
Want some quick information about Greenville, SC? Click the picture on the right to go to An all-video website that gives you a behind the scenes look at Greenville.
See videos on everything from Arts & Culture to Travel. Get a preview of Greenville without spending any money. Once you click on a main category, you will see a featured video. This site takes advantage of visual aids and packs a lot of information.

If you need assistance with selling or buying a home in 2013 I can help. Referrals and people needing relocation assistance are welcome! Search Single Family homes in Greenville. Search Condos and Townhomes in Greenville.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Think like a Home Buyer

I read a great book a few years ago; it was called “Stop Acting like a Seller and Start Thinking like a Buyer”.   The book was about retail sales and had nothing to do with real estate, or so I thought.   If you want to sell your home, which is exactly what you should do.  You should “Think like a Home Buyer”.

When a home buyer goes to a Realtor®, they have specific things they ask for such as 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage, play room, game room, etc...  But is this what they really want?  Actually they want a 3 bedroom house with a large master bedroom, 2 bath house with large tile shower, 2 car garage with work shop and fluorescent lights, play room that can hold a large pool table and wet bar.   You get my point.

So you ask how this benefits me in selling my home.   Well it can be very beneficial.  You need to learn how to play to your audience.  You need to have a frank discussion with your agent about what buyers really want in a home.
Also another thing you should do is invite people you know to your home to give you an honest opinion about your home and how it feels to them.  I suggest they be people you know, but not close with.  The reason is that close friends may not give you honest opinion, because they may not want to hurt your feelings.  You need to tell them upfront that you want an honest opinion.  Don’t get offended; just take heed to what you are told.
There are many buyers and they all have different needs.  You agent needs to market your homes strong points, so that they can decide if they want to look at your home.  Remember a few paragraphs ago when I said “What they actually want”?  If your realtor just lists the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but does not make comments about your homes strong points, this is doing you a disservice. 
Here are a few of the things that I have noticed most home buyers want:
  • Easy access to work, market, school and recreation.
  • A good quality home at a great price.
  • A prestigious home that will impress their friends and family.  The more luxury features the happier they are.
  • People look for a secure place to live; they don’t want to be in a neighborhood that they are scared to go outside.
  • A beautiful home outside.  People want to have the best looking home in the neighborhood.
  • Most people want privacy, believe it or not, statistics show that homes with privacy fences sell much quicker than homes without privacy fencing.
  • Entertainment possibilities, People always envision friends coming over for a back yard bar-b-que or a Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Access to schools, colleges and universities.  People are interested in the quality and proximity of these.
  • Healthy living is a must for many.  People like areas that have jogging paths, bicycle trails and gyms close by.
If your home has any of these features, it should be pointed out clearly to buyers in all of your marketing efforts.  Discuss these with your Realtor® and make sure he points them out to perspective buyers.
If you are interested in selling your home contact me and lets discuss the possibilities.